Girls Night Out – Scranton

Tea Party!

Tea Party!

Tea Party!

Join us on October 9 from 3:30-530PM at the Wildflour Eatery and Desserts in Covington.


Here’s your chance to dress up (don’t forget your hat!) and have some light snacks as well as some tea. Tea isn’t your thing? How about a nice cold glass of lemonade? Tammy from the Wildflour will have all kinds of goodies for us to eat!

Of course we have some games planned as well as door prizes! (make sure you wear a hat!)

We will also have a few raffle baskets so you can try your luck!

What was I saying about hats? Oh yeah, we will be giving prizes for the best hats, so go ahead and get crazy with them! Let your creativity flow! Need some inspitation? Try Pinterest! 

Seating is limited, so please click here to purchase your tickets if you are interested! Well behaved children are certainly welcome!

If you have access to a break room, please print out this flyer and hang it for us! Much appreciated!

And don’t forget your hat!! :)


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