Girls Night Out – Scranton

Meet Sandi

Above: Sandi with her husband, Don.

Above: Sandi with her husband, Don.

This is our Girl’s Night Out- Scranton (GNO) President, Sandi Korshnak. Sandi is a photographer in Madisonville, where she grew up on the same street that she resides today. Looking back on her past living next door to her grandparents, she recalls helping with their volunteer work at the fire company and in the church. “My family was always doing something to help someone, even though we didn’t have much ourselves.”

In the past through her photography business, donations have been made to various events including: The Ball of Hope, Spirit of Hope, Relay for Life, as well as numerous individual fundraising events.

Sandi has been an active part of GNO since day one. “Every organization we have raised money for has touched my life in some way. I mean, who doesn’t know someone that has or has had cancer, or autism, or special needs children? We all do.” The year GNO raised money for Camp Braveheart touched Sandi the most. While GNO was gearing up for their May 2 main event, she was just finishing chemotherapy and radiation for her own diagnosis of breast cancer. Learning firsthand how important it is to have people who know exactly what you are going made her driven. “The support Braveheart women give each other is amazing, and so desperately needed by women that have cancer.”

Sandi loves getting to meet each group peronsally before voting on each given years’ beneficiary. She believes so many local organizations legitimately need help and monetary assistance; she loves the GNO mission. “We have met so many awesome people in different organzations that we have raised money for. I hope that we are able to continue for many years to come!”