Girls Night Out – Scranton

Introducing GNO 2.0

Introducing GNO 2.0

2017 has marked a lot of new beginnings nationwide. Our local nonprofit has modified our look a bit as well, marking a new beginning in our Girl’s Night Out- Scranton brand.

Introducing our new logo:

The logo redesign decision was made to keep our organization up to date and more related to our overall mission in helping local organizations from a variety of backgrounds and overall goals. Past beneficiaries recipients have been the American Cancer Society, Cancertacular, Camp Bravehearts, Abilities 21, CONCERN and KidsPeace.

The moon will glow over our GNO event (target location: Scranton) on May 2nd, just as it glows over the amazing men and women who support organizations like those listed above. We believe in making a difference and the sky, moon, and stars are our limit!

This is the first year that our main event will be held at the Hilton Scranton & Conference Center– another new beginning! Our 2017 beneficiary is The Arc of NEPA. For more information, click here.